BLK — Combines mild Virginia and Tennessee tobaccos with aromatic Oriental Tobacco
GLD — Combines cube and leaf Burley with Oriental and Latakia tobaccos
GRN — Refreshing satisfaction from enhancing our signature GLD flavor with our in-house menthol blend for a minty kick
SMO – Our light and refreshing strawberry is the perfect sweet-tart balance. Combining fresh muddled mint, that brings out it’s true essence, with a kick from the rum, it becomes the perfect libation.
BNP – A simple yet refined combination that marries the oak and caramel notes from bourbon with the delicate sweetness of a juicy, ripe peach. A flavor that will have you wanting more.
XI Menthol Crush – Smooth Menthol with a crisp mint flavor
XVI Wicked Burlee – Creamy custard topped with caramelized sweet sugar blended with a hint of aged bourbon