Product Features:

⦁ Unique design with three separate sources for airflows. 1. Air slots in front of coil, with AFC. 2. Air holes through negative posts to bring air to back side of coil. 3. Air holes on top of cap to create a vacuum effect
⦁ Uni-deck design where the negative posts are milled into the deck
⦁ Brass center post
⦁ Deck is no longer gold plated for V1.2 due to compatibility issue
⦁ Delrin insulator at drip tip (Also serves as AFC for top air holes)
⦁ Rotating “T” center post to accommodate a multitude of different builds
⦁ Post holes large enough to accommodate 4 strands of 22 gauge. So twisted builds will be no problem
⦁ PEEK insulators with a melting points of 650 degree Fahrenheit
⦁ 22mm in diameter so Plume Veil will fit most mod on the market flush