• Flavors: Sour Apple — Sweet and tart green apple vape Sour Melon — Delicious watermelon sour gummy candy
  • Flavors: Myster — tasty candy with a delicious mixture of berries and an assortment of sweet fruits Blue Razz — Blue Raspberry candy with a blend of sweet and tart
  • Flavors: Looper - Fruity cereal over creamy milk Carnage — Red Vines licorice candy
  • Flavor: Southern Tobacco — rich and robust tobacco blend
  • Flavors: Alien Piss — Blue Raspberry Lemonade V2 — Dragonfruit and berry menthol AK-47 — Peach Strawberry Banana Smoothie Fear the Rainbow — A Mouthful of candy
  • Flavors: Tucan Slam - Fruit Loops cereal
  • Flavors: Mustache Milk – Savory cereal soaked in something sweet Drama Swirl – Apricot glazed golden pastry Head Bangin Boogie – Tropical blueberry popsicle that will knock your pants off Dream Cream – Rich vanilla cream with hints of fudge and notes of cinnamon
  • Flavors: Unicorn Milk — strawberry custard Sugar Drizzle — cinnamon and cream Mega Melons — cantaloupe, papaya and mango Boss Reserve — golden honey graham cereal with roasted nut clusters, drenched in creamy milk and layered with sliced bananas Bird Brains — an awesome blend of fruity cereals with a hint of milk.
  • Flavors: Colossus – Vanilla custard Poseidon – Fruit & Melon Athena - A Smooth Natural semi-tart green apple with a touch of sweet red apple.
  • Flavors: Morning - Sweet Strawberry Cream Pie Noon – Smooth Berry Medley Night -  Cinnamon sugar toast drizzled in caramel
  • Flavors: Fresh Squeeze — Sweet, tangy citrus blend of freshly squeezed orange Pink Lemonade — Zingy lemonade blend with just the right amount of red fruit
  • Flavors: Crispy Treats — Exquisite sweet marshmallow intermix within a cereal bar Apple Crispy Treats — Green Apple Crispy Treats ejuice is an Apple, puffed rice and marshmallow treat flavor


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